BayTech Computers is a highly specialized well trained group of experienced and certified computer technicians who will work hard to provide you with the solutions that you need, whether it's for home or business.

 At BayTech Computers, we come to you and do the work WHEN it needs to be done, WHERE it needs to be done. No more unplugging your computer and carrying it around town to those other guys that charge too much, and take too long to get things done. Most of the time we can do the work while you wait, and our prices are much better for coming to you, than most stores charge when you bring your computer to them. We realize that this makes us somewhat unique in this industry, and this is why we take great pride in offering you this convenient access to our trained, experienced technicians. We cater to your needs, not the other way around -- This is what separates us from the competition. The best possible service, for the best possible price.

We offer the following services:

....just to name a few!


Problems with your Comcast Cable modem or DSL installation?  We can help!
Share your broadband connection on all of your computers
with a home network from
BayTech Computers

If you are interested in any of these services, feel free to contact us (415)225.1571 or by email info@baytechpc.com